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Chantill Lopez reviews the song, Try Me On.

Try Me On


Try Me On...draws you in. From the first chord it’s deeply familiar. The music pulls you along waiting, wanting, anticipating what the first words will be. You can feel that it’s both lamenting and celebrating, a musical and lyrical quality Max Mackey brings to every original song and infuses in every cover. Genuine not only describes the style of Americana the band plays but the cut-through-the-muck stories they tell. 


“The sunlight is golden and used to wake me up. I prefer a lighted window and a little of your touch. Hope is not forgotten and all is not lost. Hold on tight to me, girl, no matter what the cost. Try me on. Put your thoughts aside. Try me on and let your heart decide.”


Subtle, intimate, honest longing with a no-holds-barred sweetness, this song is the wonderful, soft underbelly of the Max Mackey band. 


You’ll be carried along by the current of percussion, lulled by the sharp, quite twang of the guitar, and held by the harmony of the keys. Try Me On is one of those songs that you’ll not only want to, but have to, listen to over and over again. It might also have something to do with the raspy, raw vocals of the band’s lead singer, Max Mackey, whose voice meets and juxtaposes the music in a way that’s both startling and intoxicating.