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New Album, 'Try me on'

out now!

Try Me On, the breakout album of Colorado music scene newcomers The Max Mackey Band, delivers everything you’d expect from a heartfelt, homegrown, and passionate group of musicians. Their Genuine. Americana. Rock. will stir your soul, make you smile, and get you up on your feet. Every song leaves you wondering and wanting what’s going to come next from these Rock and Roll aficionados, who’s name flows off your tongue as easily as their lyrics.

Hello good people! 2021 is behind us and I'm looking forward to a fantastic 2022.  I'm playing all over! Come on out and hang with me!  Below are notable shows but make sure you look at the 'Tour' page! 

    10 Nov
Live at Panhandlers
Fort Collins, CO.
7-9 pm
**Max solo 

   18th Nov
Last Waltz revisited
Fort Collins CO.
**Excited to be a part of this!  


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