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New Album, 'Try me on'

out now!

Try Me On, the breakout album of Colorado music scene newcomers The Max Mackey Band, delivers everything you’d expect from a heartfelt, homegrown, and passionate group of musicians. Their Genuine. Americana. Rock. will stir your soul, make you smile, and get you up on your feet. Every song leaves you wondering and wanting what’s going to come next from these Rock and Roll aficionados, who’s name flows off your tongue as easily as their lyrics.

Greetings friends! What a road it has been these past years! I started my follow-up, full album in Fall of 2019, and then a global pandemic, and serious car accident sidelined me. I'm so happy to tell you it is back in production and should be out in spring of 2024! Stand by for 8 new songs from Max Mackey! 

   25th Apr
Pour Bros Tavern
Fort Collins CO.
7-9 pm
** Max Mackey Solo 

   26th Apr
Wibby Brewing 
Longmont CO.
5-8 pm
**Max Mackey Solo


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